Android Live Wallpaper

This project was an inter-company competition and a challenge to myself.

What did I do?

Interaction design • Visual design • Android Java and Cascades TML Development


Two weeks time constraint, on non office hours.

Resource constraint of having only me doing all the work.

Get The Risks Quickly Out Of The Way

When working towards a fast approaching deadline, I want to get risks out of the way as quickly as possible.

This was a project using the TAT Cascades UI Framework for something it was not quite intended, specifically an Android Live Wallpaper. I entered the project with a number of ideas. Since there were things I didn’t have much experience with, I needed to make a feasibility tests for those. I can’t sink too much time into something that won’t work in the end when on a tight deadline.

One example was having the wallpaper reacting to sounds. It worked great until you were going to take a phone call. Because the wallpaper was using the microphone instead of the dailer app, the person on the other end could not hear you. Needless to say that idea had to be scrapped.

Release blogpost

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