BlackBerry Digital Marketing

How we iteratively improved

What did I do?

Lead UX Designer for • Web and digital design for marketing programs • On-boarding and experience for Enterprise products • Redesign and rethink of Smartphones web experience • Components and typography design documented in style guide • Prototyping • Usability testing


Small team handling a very big corporate site in need of re-think and re-design.

Collaboration between different geographical locations and timezones.

Iterating Towards a Better Experience is at the heart of promoting BlackBerry — creating awareness of all products and services.

How do you redesign a huge website with a small team? Either you do a big redesign and launch it all at once, or you take bitesize chunks and improve over time.

In our case we opted for in-between, picking out sections of the site to tackle one at a time. This way we could concentrate on designing and developing new components and patterns specific to any section and add those to our component library for use in sections following.

While this create a slightly fragmented experience in the beginning, you can create a living style guide where any change to components will all pages where they are used.

Understand the system to tell the story

Don’t put pixels on a screen without feeling you have a good understanding for what you are designing for.

BlackBerrys products and services are big and complex. We spent time trying to get a deeper understanding for how customers use our products and what process they follow to make a decision on what to purchase.

Buy focusing on a customers process and mental models, we could provide an experience with as little friction as possible and tell a story that appeals to them.

Prototyping and Building on lessons learned

By creating quick and cheap prototypes we can quickly validate if ideas are working or not.

We often built prototypes to test or validate our designs. This way we didn’t have to spend too much effort before we knew if we were on the right path or not.

These could be anything from using powerpoint to framer.js or HTML and CSS. We often did remote usability testing through, pointing users to these prototypes and asking them to preform a set of tasks or ask for impressions.

I find the ability to build and test your own designs incredibly important. Often it is while building these prototypes you find a new way to treat an animation or realize that the layout looked so good in Sketch or Photoshop doesn’t quite work in the real world. smartphones section